A Dance in the Lamplight

Bear Place Audio is pleased to announce the release of A Dance in the Lamplight, the first Bear Place Audio Theater production. It is a short audio drama about an old woman named Edith and some experiences she has in a local park. Some say there’s a paranormal twist, but we’ll let you decide.

A Dance in the Lamplight was first released on December 1, 2017. You can listen to the audio drama using your browser by clicking here, or you can download the episode by clicking here.

The cast of A Dance in the Lamplight comes from across the globe. Find out more about them by clicking here.


A Dance in the Lamplight – Voice Actor Bios

The following actors and actress lended their talents to A Dance in the Lamplight.


Rebecca Thomas is a Texas-based narrator and voice actor drawn to science fiction and fantasy audiobooks, audio dramas, and interactive projects. A former math, science, and writing teacher, Rebecca has long woven together her performing arts and teaching skills to present material, develop educational programming, and manage a variety of projects. Outside the studio, Rebecca reads compulsively, writes short stories and novellas, blogs about autodidactism and communities of practice, and shares behind-the-scene glimpses into her creative practices.

RYAN BALDWIN (Christopher/Assistant Producer)

Ryan Baldwin is a voice actor, comedian, musician, graphic designer, and music producer from Southern Maryland. He has been in several bands over the years and now writes, records, and produces music from home. Some of his previous bands have played with artists such as The Ataris and Cartel and played the Vans Warped Tour. He creates music in a wide variety of styles for different projects as well as doing a range of different voices. He loves collaborating with people and is happy to lend his voice or music to a noble cause.

ZACHARY SHULFER (Police Officer)

Zack Shulfer is an online voice actor who has provided additional voice work for projects such as Harmony RevoltTales of ZaleZoolaplex (also here) and 10 Years of Eddache. When he’s not voice acting, Zack likes to read, write, bike, or volunteer at his local library. He is more than happy to play his role as the Police Officer in A Dance in the Lamplight.


Sarah Golding currently co-hosts the Audio Drama Production Podcast and loves the amazing plethora of roles she’s been given on audio drama shows. You can find her as Lizzie In Wynabego Warrior (Audioblivious), Drunk Helen in A Scottish Podcast (Yap Audio), Sarah in Hostile Worlds (Podcast host), Dorothea in Axe and Crown (Forgery League) Alia in Ancestry (Koach Studios), Laura in Brief Encounter and Mrs Danvers in Rebecca (Old Souls audio), Madam La Gimp in Madam La Gimp (John Bell productions for Sonic Summerstock) and many more! Feel free to ping her more work! She won’t mind.

And it is released!

I’ll write a complete release post (and update the Bear Place Audio Facebook page) later today, but for those who have been waiting for it, the official release of A Dance in the Lamplight can be found here at archive.org. Sorry for the numerous delays and thank you for your patience! Enjoy!

EDIT (10:00 pm): The above link is an informational page, with a media player to play the actual audio drama. For a direct download link, click here.  Also, I will finish a post giving cast information and another giving background information on the play sometime before Monday afternoon (US time). For now, please enjoy the audio drama through the links above.